SeaBreeze Marine Router + vSIM Data Plan

SeaBreeze Marine Router

The Always ON SeaBreeze Marine Router is the rugged, waterproof solution that keeps you connected on land and sea, offering 20-30 mile tower range and seamless connectivity to major mobile networks, making every journey a connected adventure.

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vSIM Data Plan (Failover)

Choose your monthly data plan

Activation Fee

To activate your vSIM and facilitate this service, a one-time Activation Fee is required. This fee is necessary to cover the costs involved in initiating the activation process with the carriers, generating usage reports, and maintaining the necessary infrastructure for continued connectivity.


Express Replacement Plan

Express Replacement provides hardware replacement coverage for loss of service due
to a product failure or defect, even after the original manufacturer’s warranty has
expired. Click here for more info

Designed with the adventurous spirit in mind, the Always ON SeaBreeze Marine Router is purposefully built for outdoor use, making it the perfect companion for marine, yachting, RVs, trucks, and energy enthusiasts. Whatever your journey, stay connected with this rugged and reliable device that’s ready to take on the high seas or the open road.

The SeaBreeze boasts a waterproof and salt-proof design, ensuring its resilience against the harshest of conditions. No matter where your adventures lead you, this router will be by your side, providing uninterrupted internet access when you need it the most.

With the SeaBreeze Marine Router, staying connected is a breeze! Equipped with built-in WiFi, it effortlessly connects up to 16 devices simultaneously, keeping you, your crew, or your passengers online and entertained throughout the journey.

  • LTE Coverage from 20+ Miles offshore
  • vSIM connects to the carrier with the strongest signal
  • Connect up to 16 devices
  • Durable, Lightweight, Waterproof
  • PoE – Power over Ethernet

vSIM Data Plan (Failover)

Data Plan - GB

25GB, 50GB

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