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Always Available
Fail-proof digital wireless connectivity is always available from any place you dwell or roam. There’s simply no difference when using Always ON in rural farmlands to busy urban cities.
Always Reliable
Expect reliable coverage across the map. Limitless broadband functionality with clear and reliable connection shouldn’t be a luxury, we make it normal.
Always ON
Our unique benefits keep businesses and individuals operating with interruption-free hotspots, routers, tablets, laptops, and IoT on-demand wireless connection.
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Experience the Always ON Difference

Always ON offers unique alternatives to traditional wireless providers. No more limitations to selecting one of the big names on the market for affordable and reliable internet service and hot spot connectivity.

Think you only have one or two choices for internet providers in your area? Think again.


Breaking Away From Traditional Mobile Data, Technology, Plans and Services

We saw the problems with current data carriers and internet providers and decided to change the game. Overage charges, throttling of speeds, spotty coverage and captivity to long-term contracts are gone with Always ON Wi-Fi.

Always ON Router
vsim technology

The Power of vSIM Technology

Always Fast

Stream your favorite shows without the hassle of buffering interruptions. Always stay connected while searching the web with reliable lightning speed connectivity!

Always Reliable

Patented vSIM technology seamlessly connects to the best of multiple local mobile networks available. Automatically connect with whichever tower offers your device the strongest signal and fastest speeds. No SIM cards or tedious configurations required.

Always Secure

Have your own portable and secure Wi-Fi connection network with an optional VPN (hotspot only)wherever you go. Enjoy consistently encrypted and private connections.

Always Available

With our multi-carrier mobile network and patented SignalScan™, you can connect to the strongest available signal in your area. Stay connected wherever you need to be.

Our plans use multiple Tier 1 carriers on each device, and will search for the carrier with the strongest signal, giving you much greater coverage than one carrier alone.* No need for physical SIM cards or data plans through different carriers, and you’ll never suffer slow speeds from throttling, or overage and roaming charges. Our service provides consistent speeds with flexible plans you can change any time.

*Coverage may vary. Not all carriers are available in all locations.


Solution-Focused Internet Technology

Our innovators at Always ON got to work partnering with advanced technology developers with the same pursuit to produce advanced patented vSIM wireless technology embedded in all our devices. An exciting change in home, office, and mobile internet data and service alternatives are now available to the market.

We are proud of the advancements we’ve made to launch more accessible and stress-free wireless internet accessibility for anyone in hard-to-reach areas of the country or busy city environments.

What you can expect:

What Our Clients Say

"What separates our RV park from other's nearby is the strength of our internet. Our visitors travel from all corners of the nation to enjoy our surrounding area's pristine terrain and wildlife, capturing their experiences from their cell phone, cameras, and video cameras. At the end of each day, all that footage needs to be uploaded, via a strong wifi connection, which our RV park now offers! Not to mention all the streaming our guest enjoy each night!"
Peter T.
Location: Eldorado, California
Business Type: RV Park
"The number one tool our employees use is the internet. Our success is dependent upon being connected. We have seen a significant decrease in internet related issues, and a significant increase in workplace efficiency, not to mention an overall bump in employee satisfaction. The team is communicating with other offices quicker than ever, and are able to focus on what's important rather than wonder when they will be back online. So far so good!"
Susan B.
Location: Amarillo, Texas
Business Type: Professional Office
"My customers have never been happier. It's nice to know that new and returning clients can rely on our hardware store's wifi while they use their devices for making calls at the shop, sending their significant other pictures of items, as they sit and wait for new keys to be made, and even actions like price matching. Wifi just makes the entire customer experience a lot smoother and efficient, not mention my POS systems and employee's devices now having a steady and strong connection!"
Scott J.
Location: Charleston South Carolina
Business Type: Hardware Store
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