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Always ON Omega Router

The Always ON Omega Router is the ultimate solution for seamless connectivity, whether you’re at home or in the office. Revolutionize your online experience with this cutting-edge wireless 4G router, designed to effortlessly link with physical SIM cards or innovative Virtual SIM technology. With the power of two high-performance LTE antennas and four dynamic Wi-Fi antennas, this router redefines connectivity by harnessing cellular data even from afar, delivering a consistently swift and dependable internet connection.

Versatility meets convenience with the Omega Router’s array of features. Seamlessly merge physical and virtual SIMs to create a wireless access point that adapts to your needs. With five Ethernet ports, four Wi-Fi antennas, and two LTE antennas, this router is a powerhouse designed to cater to your connectivity demands. Elevate your online activities with a router that offers unparalleled speed, coverage, and reliability, making laggy connections and signal drop-offs a thing of the past. Upgrade to the Always ON Omega Router today and experience the future of connectivity like never before.

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Devices- Always ON Solis Lite Hotspot And Power Bank

Always ON Solis Lite Hotspot and Power Bank

The Always ON Solis Lite Hotspot provides unbelievable hotspot coverage in a ‘hockey-puck’ sized device. Work, learn, collaborate and and connect virtually anywhere with fast and secure 4G LTE Wi-Fi connectivity.

Experience revolutionized mobile data access through this multi-carrier network hotspot access device. Get fast, uninterrupted internet access anywhere and anytime by auto-connecting to any network (Verizon, AT&T, US Cellular, or T-Mobile) tower for the best connection— no SIM card required.

Wherever your device goes you’ll always remain connected to the best tower in rural and urban areas alike.

Our SignalScan™ embedded technology allows the Always ON Solis Lite Hotspot to automatically switch to the strongest available signal with up to 16 hours of battery life and connecting up to 10 devices at once.

Low battery on your devices? Solis Lite Hotspot is also a power bank capable of charging your devices while on-the-go.

Always ON SeaBreeze Marine Router

Designed with the adventurous spirit in mind, the Always ON SeaBreeze Marine Router is purposefully built for outdoor use, making it the perfect companion for marine, yachting, RVs, trucks, and energy enthusiasts. Whatever your journey, stay connected with this rugged and reliable device that’s ready to take on the high seas or the open road.

The SeaBreeze boasts a waterproof and salt-proof design, ensuring its resilience against the harshest of conditions. No matter where your adventures lead you, this router will be by your side, providing uninterrupted internet access when you need it the most.

With the SeaBreeze Marine Router, staying connected is a breeze! Equipped with built-in WiFi, it effortlessly connects up to 16 devices simultaneously, keeping you, your crew, or your passengers online and entertained throughout the journey.




LTE Indoor CPE TR200

TR200 is a highly advanced LTE indoor multi-service product, specifically designed to meet integrated data, and 802.11b/g/n/ac dual bands Wi-Fi access needs for residential, business and corporate users. The product supports advanced Gigabyte networking and dual bands Wi-Fi AP functionalities. It enables wide service coverage and provides high data throughput and networking features to customers who need easy broadband access, hotspot Wi-Fi connectivity.

The TR200 supports vSIM or cloudSIM technology, which eliminates the need to insert a physical SIM card and allows the TR200 to be compatible with multiple operators, thus providing the best experience for end users by selecting the best operator’s network based on network coverage.

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