Why Always ON

why always on

The Always ON Story

After 20+ years in traditional premise-based and cloud-based telecom, Always ON’s founders identified a common pain point for all smart device users: getting on-demand, fast, secure, reliable mobile internet connections anywhere at any time.

After years of working with various partners to solve this consumer problem, Always ON now delivers fast, secure mobile Internet in the United States and over 135 countries worldwide via patented virtual SIM™ (vSIM) technology, which delivers mobile data on-demand through the best local networks for one flat rate—no hidden fees, no SIM card swapping, and no surprise data charges on your mobile bill.

Launching Our Dream

Always On delivers a seamless data connectivity experience. We target wireless devices such as hotspots, routers, tablets, laptops, or IoT devices that are currently unconnected or poorly connected on cellular networks. The patented technology provides our business and consumer customers on-demand, always-available local connectivity.
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