Express Replacement

  • The Always On Wi-Fi hardware devices are eligible for Express Replacement,
    which is a product offered on a monthly basis.
  • Express Replacement provides hardware replacement coverage for loss of service due
    to a product failure or defect, even after the original manufacturer’s warranty has
    expired. Monthly service fees must be paid and current for a customer to receive
    replacement. However, there are certain exclusions to the coverage provided by
    Express Replacement. These exclusions typically include damage caused by
    conditions other than normal use that is beyond Always On WiFi’s normal control, such as: hail,
    earthquake, flood, ice, fire, falling or flying objects, tropical storms, hurricanes, power surges, natural
    disasters, vandalism, theft, terrorism/war, riot, or acts of God.
  • To make a claim for Express Replacement, the customer is required to provide a Proof
    of Purchase invoice, clearly indicating the device’s serial number, and date of
    purchase. This documentation serves as evidence of ownership and the value of the
  • If a covered claim is approved, and the Always On WiFi device needs to be replaced, the customer
    will be responsible for a deductible of $35.00 at the time of replacement. It’s important
    to note that the coverage is limited to the replacement of the device only. There won’t
    be any reimbursement or pro-rated charge provided for the device replacement beyond
    the cost of the deductible.
  • Always On WiFi will provide a 30-day trial period for Express Replacement. After the initial 30-day
    trial period, customers will be charged a monthly premium for the service. Prior to
    charging the monthly fee, customers will be notified of the upcoming change to their
    credit card. Additionally, customers have the flexibility to cancel Express Replacement
    at any time, should they no longer wish to continue coverage.

Make a Claim

Please fill out the claim form to start the replacement process.

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